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What is it and Why Should You Use It?

Many people do not realize that violet leaf tea has several different health benefits. For one thing, the herbal drink can be used as an anti-inflammatory to help with inflamed joints and muscles. It has also been known to help with coughs and bronchitis. That may tell you why you should use the herbal drink, however, it does not exactly tell you what it is. In short, it is a drink made out of the leaves of violets.

Violet leaf tea has been in use for many centuries. Parents used to make concoctions out of it for children’s laxatives. It is not quite certain if the herbal product made a good laxative, but there is a reason why our ancestors used it for that purpose. Surely they would not continue to make it for that purpose if it did not work at least some of the time. There were actually beliefs that this herbal product would help fight certain types of cancer, but there is absolutely no evidence to support this theory. All we have is the word of people from many years in the past who probably just had a benign cyst on their abdomen and it went away naturally.

So, why should you drink violet leaf tea? Even though it is not a miracle drink, the herbal product can still help you with pain due to inflammation. Not everyone wants to take a lot of things in order to get rid of their pain – or perhaps everything they have taken has done very little or nothing to help. If this is the case, then this herbal product is a safe way to try more pain relief. Instead of taking something else that could possibly harm your kidney function, you can drink this herbal product to help with your pain. The good news is that it is a much cheaper option than buying a lot of medicines.

Violet leaf tea has also been known to help with coughing and bronchitis. Of course, you should go see your doctor first to make sure you do not have a bad illness. Once you have everything you need from your doctor, instead of taking prescribed cough syrup, you can drink this herbal product to help with your coughing. Now, it is not quite known how or why it may possibly help with bronchitis, except for possibly with the coughing. Just be sure to drink the herbal product as directed so you can see the full benefits.

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